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VOL 42 NO 2, Spring 2020

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Adaptations Beyond Sparring: Pandemic Edition

By Sifu Robin Dahlberg

As martial artists, many of us train to spar. We take the forms and techniques we've learned, and try them in a somewhat unpredictable setting. That can mean breaking forms apart, moving at different speeds, varying the height of our attacks and defenses, changing our vectors, and occasionally making something up on the spot.

This same practice gives us the skills to work with the ever-changing landscape that is our current reality with COVID-19. First came the social distancing. How well do we know our own range according to the length of our limbs or the distance of a jump? Now we can map that to the new 6-foot rule between people. It's relatively easy in a large space with few people. But what kind of movements or body language can you employ to maintain distance when there's a line for the store?

Read how Sifu Robin applies social distancing to training »

Uber Safety

By Sensei Joanne Factor

Let’s get right to the point: the vast majority of ride-share events are safe. You are most likely to arrive, unscathed, at your destination.

I first heard of Uber about a decade or so ago. A local group organized a weekend event that included a Saturday night karaoke party. The organizer let us know that just in case we drank a bit too much, there was this new option to get home safely. This car service called Uber. Sure it made sense in that it’s better to not drive yourself home when intoxicated. Even at that time, though, it seemed like it had the potential to emerge as a slow-motion train wreck. I think these are the basic safety fundamentals: a potential perpetrator needs a target and an opportunity. An important way to create an opportunity is physical isolation. Being alone in a car with a driver fits the bill.

Read more about staying safe with ride shares »

Stepping Up

By MB Austin

Vroom vroom vroom. Pause. Vroom vroom vroom!

I scanned the row of vehicles slowly cruising along the West Seattle waterfront, looking for the impatient driver of a motorcycle. “Where is that jerk?” I asked my walking partner.

Then I saw the motorcycle pull up to the window of an SUV and start banging on the driver’s window. Shit, I thought. Road rage. And since the SUV driver couldn’t move forward, I stepped into the street and stood in front of the two vehicles, not between or touching anything, but close enough to hear the interaction and gauge the level of danger.

Read how MB Austin handled the situation  »

Teaching During Social Distancing

By the PAWMA Community

Never, in a thousand years, did I think I would be attending karate classes online. During this era of social distancing we are being challenged to be flexible and switch to online learning. I checked in with a few of our schools and teachers to see how they are continuing to train despite the ban on gathering. I learned of creative ideas such as having a technology moderator during class, having senior students call young students to check in on them and keep them engaged, self care time, and having formats such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Google Hangouts support our classes.

Learn more about how each school is adapting »

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