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VOL 42 NO 3, Summer 2020

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Finding a Way Forward

PAWMA’s 43rd annual training camp is happening in a few weeks! We are excited to bring this year’s online camp to you all. The Board has planned a schedule featuring impressive instructors from a range of styles including Kung Fu, Cuong Nhu, Qigong, Indonesian kuntao, Pentjak Silat Ratu Adil, healing arts, and more!

Earlier this year we were unsure if that would be the case first with the threat of the spread of COVID-19, add to that riots across the country, and now wildfires across California. When 2020 began no one could have anticipated the world would be where it is now. In April the Board canceled the in-person camp due to the pandemic, still hopeful of coming together as a community online, but unsure of how that would take shape.

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Black Lives Matter Conversation

Our nation is engaging in conversations that need to be had about how African Americans face a disproportionate amount of violence at the hands of police, a disproportionate rate of incarceration, and systematic racism that prevents access to resources. Below are listed ways that you can help with or without donating money. 

Educate yourself and support BLM with these resources »

Moving Meditation

By Nina Thompson and Shihan Dara Masi


I struggle with meditation. It is a daily struggle. It is the one thing in my life that no matter how much I do, it doesn't seem to get easier, and yet I know it is an important part of staying centered. 

At PAWMA's last camp I broke through a wall, which was appropriate as it was the camp's theme. Shihan Masi's Jo class was fun, inspiring, and a great lesson in a new weapon. Also, she introduced me to a completely new idea. I had not heard of using a kata as a moving meditation: to do a kata not for perfection of form, but for the joy of moving and the centering nature of ritual. I found Sensei Masi afterwards. These are some of the things we talked about:

Q: How did you come to moving meditation?

I am not sure I "came to it", but rather it was a progression of my needs as a martial artist and a teacher.  Most of my life as a martial artist today is in front of a class and giving of myself, my knowledge, and my energy to a group of people.  I find that the fulfillment during these times is great, however it comes from a place of .....

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Empowerment Podcast

By Nina Thompson

Silvia Smart is a self defense geek. Silvia has been teaching Self Defense for over 30 years. She is a 6th degree black belt. She owns and operates a martial arts school. She has taught self defense at big and small venues such as Nike, Doc Martins, FBI, local schools, and others. She is also an AWMAI hall of fame member.  

She is interested in teaching empowerment self defense that helps women take up space, move with confidence, stay safe, and interrupt cycles of violence.

She has launched a podcast that is worth a listen.

Recent episodes include ...

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