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VOL 42 NO 1, WINTER 2020

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Building a Community of Social Justice

By Ellen Morrison, with the help of past and current board members

Editor’s Note: I felt so moved by my experience at the 2019 PAWMA camp’s white ally lunch and wanted to find out more. In this sociopolitical climate I felt like it was so important to talk about how we can show up as white allies. During the lunch PAWMA campers had a choice of sitting at the people of color table, the white ally table, or the tables that were available for those who opted out. I wanted to dig into the motivation and work from the board....

How did the idea of the white ally lunch come about?

The white ally lunch came about in our planning for PAWMA 2019 when I revisited a moment Aminta Steinbach, Tyler LePard and I had during Camp Sealth 2018. As she was leaving to join the people of color (POC) lunch, Aminta asked us a powerful question: “Wouldn't it be radical if when the people of color lunch happens, we could as a community acknowledge in that moment our absence when not part of our community?" The question was profound because...

How PAWMA is working to build community  »

Teaching at PAWMA

Women Training Martial Arts Together

By Sylvia Smart

Campers playing cards.What happens when you get 130 women—all martial artists—together at a retreat center in Turner, Or.? Magic! “Breaking Down Walls”, the name of this year’s PAWMA camp, lived up to its name. Women 12 to 70 years old from schools all over California, Washington, and Oregon participated. Other states and even Canada were also represented. There were instructors in Kajukenbo, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tang Soo Do Karate, Poekoelan, of course, and myriad beautiful, fierce and traditional styles.

Read about Sylvia's experience teaching at PAWMA  »

Reflections on AWMAI 2013

By Terri Giarmartino

My recent trip to Las Vegas for the 2013 annual AWMAI conference was a joy. I was fortunate to be able to take classes from old friends and meet new friends, all of whom have decades of experience which they shared in their classes. I was also honored to be chosen to teach a few classes which were well received and appreciated. My system of Cuong Nhu models a principle we call the 3-0’s: Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Arms, and this pretty much describes the AWMAI 2013 participants. 

More of Terri's reflections on AWMAI 2013 »

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Book Review: The Lioness Within

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