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Camp 2022: Reclaiming Our Fire
 October 13-16

at CYO Retreat Center
in Occidental, CA

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We are pleased to announce our 2022 teachers and their classes:

Sister Maggie Dawson

    • Fire Breathing
    • Rising Sun Gayatri Mantra Practice
    • The Wind Movement

Sifu Emmy DeFigueiredo

    • Games and Conditioning for Martial Artists

Ms. Emily Dobrich

    • Fierce Warrior Fitness Circuit Workout
    • Muay Thai Fundamentals
    • Reconnect With Your Truth: A Restorative Yoga Flow

Sifu Schuyler Fishman

    • Partner Yoga to Enhance Partner Practice
    • Conditioning for Mobility and Accessibility in Forms
    • Instructors Workshop: Differentiated Groupings, Gamification, and Team Building

Professors Delina Fuchs and Nerissa Freeman

    • Shime: Closing the Gap on the Ground
    • Tips for More Technical Takedowns
    • Knees and Shoulders: Practical Joint Rehab Strategies from Physical Therapy and Chinese Sports Medicine

Professor Melinda Johnson

    • Stick Block and Counter Sets
    • Kajukenbo Sticky Hands
    • Building Power

Michelle Johnson

    • The Illustrated Training Journal
    • Power is Earth
    • Sticky Sticks: Long-Range Push Hands

Kat Long

    • Heightening Your Intuition
    • Timing, Counters, and Rapid Response Drills
    • Mega Mitt Workout

Jaydra Perfetti

    • Handstands: Play Your Way to Better Punches and Blocks
    • The Timing of Constant Forward Pressure
    • Coming Back Together

Sifu Jen Resnick

    • What is Standing Meditation and Why Should You Do It?
    • Teaching Alignment
    • Five Element Qigong

Sensei Nikki Smith

    • Grappling for All
    • Self Defense When You Can't Hit Back
    • Judo

Sensei Jamie Zimron

    • Iaido Katas: The Art of the Japanese Sword
    • Applied Iaido & Sword-Taking Techniques
    • Trauma Healing & Peacemaking in the Real World

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