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Natural Knife Form

The Natural Knife form shown in this video was created by Professor Coleen Gragen, the founder of Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center located in Oakland, California. It is a short form – fluid, powerful, and expressive, embodying Professor Gragen's extraordinary style of movement. This video is compliments of Vanessa Wilson of Hand to Hand, who shared this wonderful legacy from Professor Gragen at PAWMA Camp 2008. Professor Gragen died in 2002; her contributions to the martial arts and to women's self-defense live on in her students and all of the martial artists whose lives she touched.

Basics of Knife Handling - Knife Drill

This video shows the flow drill taught in the "Basics of Knife Handling" class at PAWMA Camp 2008, demonstrated by Vanessa Wilson and Sonya Richardson of Hand to Hand Kajukenbo.

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