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  • Northern Shaolin Gung Fu & Tai Chi Weekend Workshop with Sifu Michelle Dwyer

Northern Shaolin Gung Fu & Tai Chi Weekend Workshop with Sifu Michelle Dwyer

  • 17 Jan 2014
  • 20 Jan 2014
  • SH/FT Movement and Healing Arts, 3517 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA

Presented by Seattle Sil Lum

For information contact kungfufish@mac.com

Entire workshop cost- $170.00
Shaolin number two OR Tai Chi/push hands classes- $100
Any single session (by permission) $50

Friday, January 17

5-7pm - Tai Chi Basics
7-8:30 pm - Siu Lum #2, Leng Low, Lead the Way

Saturday, January 18

1:30-3:30pm - Tai Chi push hands
4-6pm - Continue Leng Low, number 2

Sunday, January 19

10-12:30pm - Push hands
2-5pm - Continue Leng Low, number 2

Northern Shaolin Gung Fu

The Northern Shaolin Gung Fu system originated 1400 years ago in northern China and traces its roots back to the celebrated Shaolin temple . The trademark of this style is large, flowing movements, leaps and flying kicks. Both elegant and
demanding, this style is replete with many practical fighting techniques designed specifically for cultivation of the power of
the whole body!

Siu Lum #2, Leng Low, Lead the Way
This set demonstrates the art of leading your opponent into emptiness by using side stepping methods in attack and counterattack. Palm strikes are favored in this set, especially at the beginning. Along with the usual assortment of tornado kicks lotus kicks, and double kicks, this set also has left and right side kicks. This is a lively and demanding form!

Sifu Michelle Dwyer
Sifu Michelle is a long-time member of Jing Mo Athletic Association, USA in San Francisco with Master Jack Man Wong. Her specialties are Northern Shaolin Gung Fu, 5 Element Hsing Yi, Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and the weapons of these styles, as
well as various Chi Gung systems. Currently she is learning Hun Yuan Taiji Quan. Sifu Michelle has been teaching Chinese
Martial Arts and healing arts for 30 years on the west coast and internationally. She is delighted to share knowledge with
another Sil Lum School!

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