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  • For AJJF Members: Special Training Clinic with Michelle Manumaleuna

For AJJF Members: Special Training Clinic with Michelle Manumaleuna

  • 02 Nov 2013
  • 03 Nov 2013
  • Wasenshi Kan, Roseville CA (Nov 2) and Chico Kodenkan, Chico CA, (Nov 2, Nov 3)

Wasenshi Kan and Chico Kodenkan Present

Special Training Clinics

with Michelle Manumaleuna

Kumu Lua, Lua O’ Kaihewalu

Michelle resides in Southern California and actively trains in the ancient Hawaiian Art of Lua under Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu. Lua is the ancient form of bone breaking and joint dislocation. She holds a 7th Degree Black Belt and has earned the title of teacher, Kumu Lua.

Kumu Manu’s classes will focus on the empty hand and weapons techniques of Kaihewalu Lua. Classes are appropriate for all ranks.

Clinic Schedule

Saturday, Nov 2 – Wasenshi Kan (Roseville, CA) ‐ 10 am‐ 12 noon (adults)

Saturday, Nov 2 – Chico Kodenkan (Chico, CA) ‐ 4-6 pm (adults and juniors)

Sunday, Nov 3 – Chico Kodenkan ‐ 10 am-12 noon (adults)

Class Fees

Sliding scale of $10‐$20 per class.

Sensei permission to attend and AJJF membership required. Event memberships are available.

More information: sensei@wasenshikan.org - OR - FuchsDe@butte.edu

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