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Uniting and empowering a diverse community of women and girls in the martial arts

Camp 2021 Schedule

All times in Pacific Time. Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Saturday, August 28
9:00-10:00am Opening Ceremony
10:15-11:30am Arnis Striking
Sensei Beth Holt
10:15-11:30am 5 Animals Qigong
Sifu Debbie Leung
10:15-11:30am Kalari Basics
Guru Aparna Sindhoor
12:00-1:00pm Annual Meeting and Lunch
1:30-2:45pm Kalari for Experienced Martial Artists
Guru Aparna Sindhoor
1:30-2:45pm Falling...and getting back up
Sister Maggie Dawson
3:30-4:45pm What's Your Angle? Angles of Attack and Defense
Sifu Esther Howard
3:30-4:45pm Making Friends with the Floor (Snake System Conditioning)
Sister Maggie Dawson
5:30-7:00pm Race & Martial Arts - Continuing the Conversation

7:15-7:45pm Closing Ceremony
7:45-9:00pm Social Time
Sunday, August 29
8:00-9:15am Taiji Fundamentals Through Cloud Hands
Sifu Debbie Leung
8:00-9:15am Get Your Kicks
Sensei Beth Holt
8:00-9:15am Fun With Bo Basics
Sensei Kristi Holm
11:00am-12:30pm Make Your Katas/Forms Come Alive - ONLINE (updated 8/28/21)
Sifu Esther Howard
11:00am-12:30pm Lightness and Grounding (Crane System Conditioning) - ONLINE (updated 8/28/21)
Sister Maggie Dawson
11:00am-12:30pm Intro to Shanti System Freeform: Expansion & Contraction - in person, Portland area
Michelle Folk Johnson

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