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Sweaty Betties 10th Anniversary Grappling Seminar

Molli Khangsengsing

Dear PAWMA Community,

Our friend - and camp instructor this year - Molli Khangsengsing is the founder of the Sweaty Betties, a Bay Area, CA group dedicated to growing the women’s Jiu-jitsu community through classes, seminars & training camps. We are excited to share this Betties announcement with our membership:

July will mark the 10 Year Anniversary of Sweaty Betties and we plan to celebrate! On Saturday, July 14th we are hosting a WOMEN’S GRAPPLING SEMINAR in the San Francisco Bay Area featuring three legendary figures of Brazilian jiu-jitsu: LETICIA RIBEIRO, BIA MESQUITA & PENNY THOMAS. And the best part is you’re invited!!!

Come Join the Female Grappling Community!

This is a very special opportunity to train with the world’s top female fighters and like-minded women to celebrate the Sweaty Betties’ 10 year anniversary. Come learn the technique, strategy and mindset to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that have made Leticia, Bia and Penny three of the most respected figures in the sport today. PLUS we’ll have a raffle with truly awesome prizes, made possible through the support of our generous sponsors including: Atama, Virus, Choke Republic, and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and pre-register to be part of one of the most dynamic women’s martial arts seminars offered this summer. Join us for a rare experience and take your jiu-jitsu to the next level! Beginners and advanced practitioners alike are encouraged to attend.

Email sweatybetties@gmail.com or visit the Sweaty Betties website for information.

Mollii Khangsengsing is a founder and head instructor at Tuff Love Fitness in Oakland, California,
in addition to being founder of the Sweatty Betties women’s BJJ training group.

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