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Vol. 40 No. 2 Summer 2018

Looking Forward to Camp 2018

By Tyler LePard
PAWMA Secretary and Communications Director

2017 PAWMA board

Photo by Kerry "Mena" Kehoe at last year's camp. 
Board members left to right: Aminta Steinbach, Gin Yang, Mary Lynn Morales, Ellen Morrison, Lynn Keslar, Tyler LePard, Leslie Lippard.

Feel the excitement in the air? That means camp is coming up soon!

This year’s camp will be held at YMCA Camp Loma Mar, August 16-19. Camp will start with welcome activities and classes on Thursday evening (plan to arrive between 3-6pm, if possible) and then feature the official opening ceremony taught by Professor Barbara Bones on Friday morning around 9am. Camp will wrap up with a closing ceremony, ending at noon on Sunday.

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Q & A with Professor Barbara Bones

By Mary Lynn Morales

Professor Barbara Bones is returning to teach at PAWMA from Hawaii. We are very excited to have her. Mary Lynn Morales conducted an interview with the Professor so those of us who do not know her can start to get excited about her coming to camp.

ML: First, Can you tell us what you are looking forward to this year at camp?
P: Well, I always look forward to seeing old friends at PAWMA. And, meeting some new ones ...

ML: What is your intention for camp? What are you looking forward to sharing?
P: Well, my intention, or blessing, for the camp would be that people find some part of their own selves that they haven't touched before. I tend to look for things that are transformative.

More of Mary Lynn's Interview with Professor Bones »

A Mother and Daughter Martial Arts Team

Kristi and Haley Holm

Kristi and Haley Holm

I started Martial arts in 1982 at the local city college and was completely hooked after my first class! I loved everything about it, the movement, the learning, philosophy and the camaraderie. Since that day I can't even imagine my life without it.

Haley has be involved in martial art in some way her whole life, as I trained all the way up to 2 weeks before she was born and from there she grew up in the dojo. She would come to class with me every and play on the mat. One of her favorite things to do was looking at herself in the mirror as she ran up and down the length of the floor. At about 4 years old she started doing the kids classes in aikido. She loved it as much as I did.

Read more: Haley Interviews Kristi, Kristi Interviews Haley »

PAWMA Camp 2018 #HearMeRoar 
Thursday August 16-Sunday August 19

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