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PAWMA Board Members Transition

Dear Members:

At our annual meeting at camp on August 24 we received nominations for open seats on PAWMA's Board. Our bylaws allow the Board to have between 5 and 9 members. We have found a working board of 9 members to be helpful.

As you may remember, 6 current members of the Board have terms ending this month: Lynn Keslar, Aminta Steinbach, Gin Yang, Tyler LePard, Leslie Lippard, and Ellen Morrison.

3 members, Emmy Defigureido, Jaydra Perfetti, and Kat Long, have two years remaining in their terms.

Veronica Peshterianu was nominated last year and has been serving as a non-voting volunteer this year. Her nomination carries forward for ratification as a voting member this year.

We contacted each of the nominees from our membership meeting to affirm their interest in serving on the Board. During these one on one conversations we were able to ask and answer clarifying questions regarding time commitment, expectations and availability.

Several of those nominated expressed an interest in serving on the board in the near future rather than right now. Some folks let us know that they'd like to support PAWMA in other capacities. In the end, a total of 5 new candidates are eligible and interested:

  • Robin Dahlberg
  • Jennifer Argle
  • Mollie Wolf
  • Gina Mares Kurtz
  • Restita deJesus

With Veronica and the 3 members already installed, this makes for the 9 permitted Board members. We then invited all candidates, current and outdoing board members to gather for a Board Transition Retreat this past weekend at Mountain Moon Ranch. A huge thank you to Shihan Dara Masi and Shihan Melanie Fine for making this retreat possible for us! After a weekend of lots of thinking, listening and talking and some getting to know each other, all who were able to attend still want to serve in this capacity. Success!

In the coming week, we will forward to the membership the statement of qualifications for all new candidates, and a ballot asking you to formally elect the new members. The new term officially begins November 1st.

We appreciate the lively participation of those who were able to attend our annual meeting. We thank our entire membership for your attention to this change in leadership and for the support we always feel from our members.

With respect,

Aminta Steinbach
PAWMA President

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