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Lauren Hayden

Photo courtesy of Lauren Hayden.

An Interview with First Time Camper Lauren Hayden

Nina Thompson and Lauren Hayden

What were the best parts of PAWMA camp for you?

I made some lasting friendships that are really important to me and have helped me get through some hard times. It wasn’t until I went to PAWMA that I realized how important other women are to me in my training.

During camp I got the most out of the morning meditation.


Meeting Kathy Long. My most memorable quote was, “Wait! It gets better!”

Skills you walked away with?

Last year I was healing from a broken hip. I broke it in June, so I couldn’t really do much in the way of contact or high impact training for fear of rebreaking it. I focused on the internal arts, but even the T'ai Chi stances were challenging to me. However, they seemed to work the right muscle groups, so I think it sped up my recovery. PAWMA was exactly what I needed at the time. My recovery has been up and down as much mental as it was physical, but I’m looking forward to getting on the mats at the next PAWMA!

Lauren Hayden trains at Hiscoe Jiu Jitsu in Chilliwack under Steve Hiscoe.

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