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Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists

Uniting and empowering a diverse community
of women and girls in the martial arts.

For Sifu


With hands that dance upon the air, she gathers strength and energy
With patience and with focused care she balances and moves the Chi
Behind the grace a power lurks, intension strong and clear
Matched only by a passion for a form that she holds dear
She helps us clear our minds and hearts, for peace and for renewal
A sense of true well-being becoming our new fuel
Our class is filled with friendship, kindness, fellow feeling
While often times the outside world from ugliness is reeling
That's not to say we don't have fun, as we T’ai Chi play
Minds and bodies learning, growing, to start a brand new day
We keep on coming back, as months and years go by
We love the way she makes us stretch with new things that we try
No matter what we feel like, when we come to class
We're always so much better, as the hours pass
But that's not the reason, that each week finds us here
It's because we love our Sifu, everyone of us holds dear!
And so we wish you all the best, may your heart always sing
And the years ahead be kind, and only good things bring
So may your "rumbles" all be small; life has tiny wrinkles
I wish you all of this, and more, with my love and twinkles!

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