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Empowerment Podcast

Silvia Smart is a self defense geek. Silvia has been teaching Self Defense for over 30 years. She is a 6th degree black belt. She owns and operates a martial arts school. She has taught self defense at big and small venues such as Nike, Doc Martins, FBI, local schools, and others. She is also an AWMAI hall of fame member.  

She is interested in teaching empowerment self defense that helps women take up space, move with confidence, stay safe, and interrupt cycles of violence.

She has launched a podcast that is worth a listen.


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Recent episodes include:

  • The Continuum of Sexual Assault and Violence
  • The Testing Process
  • Trusting Your Body - Your First Line of Self Defense

We who teach this content know how vital it is for everyone to know and be able to recognize the cycle of violence, our instincts, and grooming. Silvia has an amazing ability to present this information in a factual yet compassionate way. In this way it makes it accessible to many demographics of women. This information, as she points out during her podcast, should be out there. Out where people can access it, learn how to trust themselves and set boundaries around their safety.

This format, podcasting, is a melting pot of NPR show reruns,  misinformation, celebrity rants, and some very inspiring gems. Michelle Obama has recently launched a podcast, and now Silvia has added her Empowerment Podcast. Information that needs to be heard. Please listen and rate so that more ears can pick up this information.

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