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Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists

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of women and girls in the martial arts.

Editor's Note

Nina Thompson

PAWMA Newsletter Editor

The theme of this newsletter is evolution. I, like Mamie Chow, once embraced martial arts to free me from fear that gripped me from my past. Reducing my own vulnerability became paramount. Finding PAWMA was a joy and a pleasure. I was thrilled to find a home of such accepting and supportive women to encourage me and help me grow in my martial art.  In my style I’m still the highest ranked woman in the region and continue to be dissuaded from participating in martial arts because of the male domination and the crappy treatment I receive. I enjoyed reading about the origins of PAWMA from Koré Grate. It must have been so difficult for women to train in those early years of PAWMA. I am so thankful for the leadership she and others have brought to the organization.

I am excited for the new board. I hope the new board and exciting times will result in more contributions for this upcoming newsletter. 

With gratitude for the authors, with humility for the responsibility I’ve been given, I thank you for allowing me to help you with yet another newsletter. 

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