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Uniting and empowering a diverse community of women and girls in the martial arts

PAWMA Camp 2020 Teachers 

Sifu Kimberly Bowen

Sifu Kimberly Bowen leads Shaolin White Dragon Kung Fu Seattle where she teaches Kung fu, Self-defense, and Qigong. She is a 4th degree black belt, Pai Lum style, and Certified Instructor in Commando Krav Maga (2nd level), American Women’s Self Defense Association, and American Council on Exercise with certificates in Group Fitness and Senior Fitness. She teaches meditation to adults and children through Training in Power Academy. A member of the USA Kungfu Wushu team, Sifu Kim won a bronze medal at the 2019 World Kungfu Championship in Emei China for Traditional Shaolin hand form. She earned a green belt in Taekwondo in her 20s. Sifu Kim came to Kung fu at age 44, earned her first black belt at 50, and took over leadership of the school, Macabee Martial Arts founded by Grand Master Jacob Lunon, three years later. Before that she had a career in marketing and fundraising.


Short Form of the Tiger: Basic Pai Lum Form and Defense Techniques

Shifu Sally Chang

Shifu Sally Chang has been practicing and teaching martial arts for 28 years and is dedicated to the practice of internal cultivation from a Daoist perspective. She is the founder of Evergreen Taiji Academy, based in Oakland, CA. As a Licensed Acupuncturist in the San Francisco Bay Area with 19 years of experience, Sally integrates principles of classical Chinese medicine and Daoist wisdom arts into all her teachings. Sally Chang is known for actively illuminating the depth of internal martial arts with lightness and warmth.


8 Silk Brocades, Ba Duan Jin

Sister Maggie Dawson

Sister Maggie Dawson is a 17-year practitioner of White Crane Silat who travels globally to practice and engage. Her laurels include two years under the direct tutelage of the Grandmaster of our school in West Java. Maggie’s body/mind integration journey began as a small child in rigorous gymnastics and classical dance, evolving into world and partner dances, bodywork, and yoga. Kindhearted, personable, spontaneous, and precise, she is spacious to all bodies, ages, and expressions of curiosity and open mind. Maggie empowers each student with expanding awareness through the metaphor of the conscious physical. Based in Marin County, CA, she’s been teaching silat as a vehicle for awakening since 2010.

White Crane Silat taught by Maggie Dawson is an internally reflective, flowing martial art practice with roots in the kung-fu diaspora. We begin and end in a circle, with the breath. We calm the mind and breathe open the heart, while cultivating alertness and active engagement with the world. We train our bodies without mirrors to develop our internal experience. We learn to get back up when we fall, and how to roll with it. Our nature inspired movements are novel, intentional, functional... and fun!


Somatic Foundations for Harmony

Professor Nerissa Freeman

Professor Nerissa Freeman, rokudan, has been studying Danzan Ryu Jujutsu for 30 years. She is the founder and school head of Wasenshi Kan Martial & Healing Arts in Roseville, CA. She has also spent time training in judo, western boxing, pentjak silat ratu adil, and muay thai. In addition to her jujutsu training, Nerissa is currently studying Toyama Ryu Battodo under Mike Esmailzadeh Sensei. She has also spent many years practicing the healing arts. She is a licensed physical therapist as well as a Certified Massage Therapist.

She is also a graduate of the Basic Level of the Original Okazaki Restoration Massage under Keith Okazaki Sensei, grandson of Master Henry S. Okazaki, who founded Danzan Ryu Jujutsu. The emphasis on personal growth, service to others and the community, as well as the many lifelong friendships she has made are what have kept her in the martial and healing arts. She is guided in her Danzan Ryu Jujutsu studies by her current sensei, Professor Sheryl Hager, school head of the Redding Jujitsu Academy.


Introduction to Pentjak Silat Ratu Adil

Knees and Shoulders: Practical Joint Rehab Strategies from Both Physical Therapy Approaches and Chinese Sports Medicine (co-taught w/ Sensei Fureeman

Sensei Delina Fuchs

Sensei Delina Fuchs has trained consistently in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu for 42 years; Aikido, Iaido, and Jojitsu each for 30+ years; and holds a Shodan in Nishio Ryu Toho Iaido and Rokudan in DZR. She is Dojo Cho of the oldest dojo in DZR, Chico Kodenkan and has had the privilege of training under instructors who have reached the pinnacle of their art: Prof’s Bud Estes and Jane Carr, both Judan, DZR; Iaido and Hojojutsu: Dara Masi, Menkyo Kaiden Shihan San Dai Kichu; and master acupuncturist and author, Michael Turk L.Ac.


2019 Seifukujitsu Healing Arts Award, AJJF 

2018 Shugyo Award, Hakko Densho Ryu Martial Arts Federation 

2018 AWMAI Hall of Fame, 40 Years 

2013 AWMAI Hall of Fame, 30 Years 

2013 Kaidensho & title of Shihan at DZR Okugi, Prof. Tony Janovich, Judan 

2011 AJJF National Jujitsu Kata Gold Medalist, Sandan and Above Div.

2009 AJJF National Jujitsu Freestyle Silver Medalist, Sandan+ Div. 

2003 Kaidensho & title of Kyoshi at DZR Okugi, Prof. Tony Janovich, Judan 

2003 MA English, CSU, Chico 

1998 AAU National Jujitsu Kata Bronze Medalist, Sandan+ Div.

1996 AAU National Jujitsu Kata Champion, Gold Medalist, Sandan+ Div. 

1992 BA Physical Education, CSU, Chico


“Pillow Uke” Ground Training: Using a Homemade Training Buddy for Ground Drill Training

Knees and Shoulders: Practical Joint Rehab Strategies from Both Physical Therapy Approaches and Chinese Sports Medicine (co-taught w/ Professor Freeman)

Master Terri Giamartino

Master Terri Giamartino is the owner and head instructor at Emeryville Martial Arts. She holds a 7th degree black belt, training in the martial arts since 1978. In addition to Cuong Nhu, she has studied Shotokan Karate and Jujitsu. Her community service activities stretch back to 1980, becoming one of the founding mothers of the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists (PAWMA). She has served on the board of PAWMA & AWMAI and taught at many PAWMA, NWMAF, ATAMA, and AWMAI camps and conferences. She is a regular attendee and instructor at the Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association, IATC, and has produced numerous demonstrations, performances, and mixed training camps. Honors include PAWMA Martial Artist of the year 1999, AWMAI Hall of Fame 2015, and the PAWMA Lifetime Achievement Award 2019.


Stick Fighting

Trapping and Close in Fighting

Shifu Koré Grate

Shifu/Sensei Koré Grate has been training in the martial arts since she was 16. She was inducted into the AWMAI Hall of Fame in 2012 for 40 years of teaching and training. She has been serving as the Executive Director of the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors from 2013 to present.

Supporting what she believes in, she is a founding board member of PAWMA, served as PAWMA Vice-President, and created and served as a PAWMA Elder Counsel. Shifu Koré received the PAWMA Martial Artist of the Year in 2005 and the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. In 1994-1996, Koré served as Chair for NWMAF (National Women's Martial Arts Federation) and is one of the founding mothers of the ARC Council (Anti-Racism Council/All Races Count). Shifu Koré is on the Keiko Fukuda Foundation Board of Directors as a link to AWMAI, NWMAF, and PAWMA.

Founder & Executive Director and Head Instructor of the Five Element Martial Arts and Healing Center (FEMA) formerly Feminist Eclectic Martial Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota founded in 1989 then established in 1994 as a 501c3 non-profit organization. The first Branch of FEMA is in Jerusalem, Israel under Shijie Sarah Gordon-Lavine.


Liangong Series One

Liangong Series Two

Liangong Series Three

Master Angela Lee, L.Ac.

Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong

As a native San Franciscan, Master Angela Lee grew up going to Chinatown to see the Acupuncturist and watch the Shaw Brothers Kung fu movies with her Dad. At 10 years old, her Mother sent her to Tai Chi instead of Ballet. Angela's fascination for Martials Arts was born. Besides Tai Chi, Angela studied Shaolin Northern Praying Mantis with Sifu Peter Kwong in the 70s, Sil Lum White Lotus with Grand Master Douglas Wong in the 80s, and Choy Lai Fut with Grand Master Tat Wong in the 90s. Then at 28, her Aunt mentioned she knew a Qigong Master that could heal people with his hands. Angela totally did not believe this claim, and set out to prove him wrong. At 28 Angela met her mentor, Grand Master Cai Qiu Bai in Qigong and the rest is herstory.

Twenty-eight years later, Angela Lee is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Master Instructor in Shaolin One Finger Qigong. She has spent over half her lifetime understanding energy (Qi) and interpreting Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat patients. Angela taught Qigong for 23 years through UCSF, UCBerkeley, and Kaiser San Francisco. She is internationally recognized as a disciple of the 19th Great Grand Master Cai Qiu Bai in Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong or in Chinese Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan. Angela practices Asian Medicine, Qigong, and functional medicine at her wellness center, A Return To Health in San Francisco.

AWMAI 2013 Hall Of Fame 30+ years
Instructor Camp Danzan Ryu 2013-2019
Instructor PAWMA 2013


Learn to Manipulate Qi Energy: Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong

Sigung Michelle McVadon

Sigung Michelle McVadon is co-chief instructor at Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu in Seattle, WA. She has been training in Kajukenbo Kung Fu since 1983 and holds the rank of 7th degree black under her teacher, Professor Barbara Bones. She teaches the Gaylord method of Chu’an Fa Kajukenbo Kung Fu.

Sigung McVadon also trained in Aikido for 18 years and holds the rank of Sandan under Kimberly Richardson Sensei. She trained in Jujitsu under Sheila Haddad Sensei, holding the rank of Shodan.

She has been invited to teach at the national training camps for Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors, the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists, the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation, and Women’s Festival of Martial Arts in Canada. She was honored to receive the 2003 PAWMA Martial Artist of the year award, and the 2014 PAWMA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sigung McVadon has been teaching self defense in Seattle to a wide range of populations in the community for more than 32 years. She was the main instructor for the Fight The Fear Campaign from 2009-2011, which brought Self-defense skills to underserved communities in the Seattle area, and for the organization renamed Discover Your Power from 2013-2018. Its new focus was bringing self-defense to schools and colleges. Through Seven Star, she teaches 2-hour seminars or series of classes to wide ranging groups including mother/daughter groups, girl scouts, middle and high school groups, college students, LGBTQ groups, community centers, libraries, shelters/transitional housing, and local businesses/corporations.


Tips on teaching online—participatory class, not a lecture.

Creating a Punch Attack or One Step

Master Uyen Pham

Master Pham grew up watching Hong Kong action movies and pestered her parents to enroll her into training. They finally caved-in and her martial arts journey began at the age of 10 in Texas under Grand Master Kim Soo studying Cha Yon Ryu. It is an eclectic style of karate, aikido, jujitsu, tae kwon do, kung fu, and weapons.

She trained 6 days a week and got her black belt at 13. Some kids get upset when they don’t get dessert; she got upset if she didn’t get to go to class. When she moved to New York, she studied with Phil Messina at Modern Warrior in Bo Fung Do, which is based out of wing-chun. This style is real world self-defense against fighting multiple attackers.

She has taught at several past Special Training and PAWMA camps. Master Pham holds a Master’s Degree in Education, graduated from and now teaches at the CIA. She lives in Austin, Texas and appreciates good food, kind people, and what little time she has to herself.


Street Survival In Your Home

Pressing, Striking, and Zone Blocking

Guru Aparna Sindhoor

Guru Dr. Aparna Sindhoor has been teaching Kalari ppayattu (Indian martial art), Yoga and Indian classical dance, for more than two decades around the world. Dr. Sindhoor started training in Kalari ppayattu with Guru Anil Natyaveda and has been working on promoting this ancient Indian martial art ever since. She along with Guru Anil Natyaveda have brought the training of Kalari ppayattu in a serious way to North America by teaching at their institution (Navarasa Dance Theater), schools, universities and senior centers including Boston University, UCLA, UCSB, Brandeis University, and Wellesley college. They have created “Dance For Everyone” program that is bringing free and subsidized dance, martial art and yoga classes to more than 150 underprivileged kids and adults in India and the USA.

Sindhoor and Natyaveda have designed classes to help people with rigors martial art training, wellbeing, self-defense and live their life to full potential with mindfulness. Guru Sindhoor also teaches weekly free classes online for underprivileged girls in India in the Shakti-Dhama Women’s Shelter. Sindhoor has choreographed for Indian films including Santhosh Sivan’s, Anandabadhram, S M Raju’s Varnam and has collaborated with Cirque du Soleil famed Franco Dragone’ and recently worked with Oscar winner Antony Dod Mantel. She has also collaborated with masters in Capoeira and Kung Fu. She feels honored to have taught at PAWMA 2019.


Kalari Basics

Kalari for Martial Artists (trained in any martial art beginner and intermediate)

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