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Vol 40 No 3, Fall 2018

From the Board

Following Up on Camp 2018 and Updates on Camp 2019

By Tyler LePard
PAWMA Secretary and Communications Director

Hello, friends! It was lovely to see many of you at Camp Loma Mar in August. The board is very happy with how camp went and we hope you are too. We had an excellent few days training together and connecting with friends old and new.

I have a few items to share with you in this column from the board: a financial update, a note on photos and videos from 2018 camp, updates to the board and a hint about 2019 camp's location.

PAWMA Financial Update

After closing the books on this year’s PAWMA camp, we are happy to report that our organization is in solid financial shape. Some of you may recall that a few short years ago in 2012, the organization experienced a financial crisis, which necessitated holding a non-resident camp in Berkeley, at the High School. After four years of steady financial stewardship, the 2016 board felt that we had sufficient assets to support a joint camp (the Tri-Alliance Gathering). These once-in-a-decade joint camps are wonderful for networking and community, but hard on the budget, as they are generally far away from our PAWMA membership and profits are split between the sponsor organizations.

Now, after two years of camps with great turnout, we have rebuilt our financial position so that we can support our priorities: ensuring the sustainability of camp (we have sufficient funds to make a deposit on attractive locations), continuing our operations (website, newsletter, and other member services), growing our community through scholarships and preferred pricing for youth, and maintaining a sufficient asset balance to sustain the organization in case a future camp loses money. This last priority is especially important as camp facility costs continue to escalate, especially in California, making camp more expensive and riskier to run. This is an ongoing challenge, as we try to keep costs down to a level that is inclusive, but that is also comfortable enough to be attractive to our members.

If you're not a member or your membership has lapsed, join/renew today. Please also keep us in mind as you plan and make end-of-year donations.

Finally, please always feel welcome to let us know how we are doing—our aim is to make the best decisions we can for our organization and your input is crucial. If anyone is interested in learning more about the financial details of our organization, please reach out to us (info@pawma.org). We are happy to share information with our members.

Camp 2018 Photos & Videos

We’re working with Mena Kehoe, our camp photographer, to get photos from camp ready for you to view. There are a lot to go through, so this takes quite a bit of time! In the meantime, check out the photos and videos from the demo that we have been sharing on our PAWMA Facebook page.

Camp 2019 and Updates to the Board

We are looking forward to new board members joining us in November. We will be sending around a slate of new board member candidates for you to vote on soon. These candidates are the folks who were nominated in our membership meeting during camp last month (here are the notes from that meeting).

We’d also like to announce that we’re changing up our officers: Aminta Steinbach will take over as President from Lynn Keslar, Gin Yang will take over as Vice President from Aminta, and Ellen Morrison will take over as Treasurer from Leslie Lippard. I (Tyler LePard) will remain as Secretary and Communication Director.

We're still working to confirm the date and location for Camp 2019. We're currently talking with a couple of camps near Portland, Oregon. We'll let you know as soon as we finalize the details.

Thanks! Have feedback or questions? Want to get involved in planning next year’s camp? Reach out to us at camp@pawma.org.

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