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Uniting and empowering a diverse community of women and girls in the martial arts

Camp 2022 Resources and Links

Camp Schedule (subject to change)

COVID Policies and FAQ

Suggested Packing List

WHAT DO I WEAR? Most people wear gi pants and T-shirts for training. Workout clothes are fine as well. You may wish to bring a gi top if you're interested in throwing classes or for open mat.

Order T-Shirts here

DO NOT BRING: Anything containing peanuts. Alcoholic beverages.

DEMO: Sign up for the demo by emailing vicepresident@pawma.org

CARPOOLING: Do you have room in your car for others or can pick someone up from the airport? Are you looking for a ride or need a pickup from the airport? Visit this link to add your car (you have room to share), join the waitlist (you're looking for a ride), or join a car if one has been added. Be sure to include what airport and what time you're arriving if applicable. We are in particular need of drivers!

JOIN OUR SLACK CHANNEL!  Want to stay up to date and connected on information about camp?  Join our PAWMA Camp 2022 Slack!

COLLABORATIVE CAMP PHOTOGRAPHY: Share your photos with us! Create a folder with your name, then add your photos to that folder.

By uploading, you (the photographer) authorize PAWMA to use your photos on our website or other published material. PAWMA will only publish pictures of individuals who have signed our photo release agreement.

CLASS FEEDBACK: We appreciate your input! Click here for a feedback form.

CAMP EVALUATION: Help us continue to improve by filling out a camp evaluation.

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