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PAWMA Camp 2020  
Thur, Sep 10 - Sun, Sep 13

CYO Camp, Occidental CA

Approx. 75 miles north of San Francisco / Oakland - plan to fly into SFO or OAK


PAWMA Board Members Transition

A letter from PAWMA President, Aminta Steinbach

130 Martial Artists Attended PAWMA Camp 2019

Breaking Down Walls

August 23-26 at Aldersgate Camps and Retreats, Turner OR

Our thanks to Camp 2019 Teachers

Sifu Aarin Burch Kajukenbo
Grandmaster Graciela Casillas Boxing, Shen Chun do, Escrima
Sifu Restita DeJesus Pangamot, Filipino arts
Sensei Delina Fuchs Danzan ryu jujitsu
Shifu/Sensei Kore Grate Tai Chi, Wu Chien Pai
Sensei Kristi Holm Tang soo do Karate
Coach Mollii Khangsengsing Brazilian Jiu jitsu
Shihan Dara Masi Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu, Iaido
Renshi Lori O'Connell Can Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
Sifu Jen Resnick Tai Mantis Kung Fu and Qigong
Sigung Sonya Richardson Kajukenbo
Dr Guru Aparna Sindhoor Kalari
Goeroe Silvia Smart Poekoelan
Simo Mia Velez Yoga for Martial Artists
Sifu Zo Zotigh Chinese medicine

The Latest from PAWMA News

Life Is a Kodenkan School

By MB Austin

Olivia Brown Latham, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu black belt, and Will Northrup. Photo courtesy of MB Austin.

Apparently, I enjoy a long learning curve. Ironic, given my low tolerance is for being bad at…anything. Last year I began Danzan Ryu Jujitsu (DZR) training. Half healing art and half martial art, DZR encompasses techniques similar to those found in judo, Aikido, and karate (but with its own variations and kata), plus a self-defense curriculum and first aid, massage, etc. Wonderful variety; but oh so much to learn.

The first few months were especially humbling for me. Even with experience in other dojos, learning related arts, my brain felt overwhelmed, my body stuck with outdated muscle memory. Everything familiar was slightly different, making a challenge of things I expected to be easy for me. (I’d done hundreds of rolls and falls before—why were these so tough?) And so much was new, from terminology and principles to technique. Some days my mantra was, “Mizu means water.” If nothing else, at least I knew what to do during breaks.

Read More About MB Austin's Take on Training in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu »

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We welcome all women and girls including individuals who are transgender, non-binary or self-identify as female. We aim to make our training spaces as accessible and inclusive as possible for our diverse community. Please contact us if you are wondering if this is a good program for you or your youth.

Photo: Bonnie Loshbaugh

Are you a woman or girl training in the martial arts? Do you want to support women and girls training in the martial arts?

Do you enjoy experiencing other martial arts, and sharing your own?

Photo: Bonnie Loshbaugh

Are you moving and looking for a school or teacher in your new location?

Are you a beginning student and want to experience a variety of styles before you settle on one?

Are you an advanced student and want to reinvigorate your training or train with other master teachers?

Photo: Bonnie Loshbaugh

At PAWMA, we believe that the martial arts have special value for women, whether pursued for self-expression, self-protection, spirituality, or physical health. We are committed to encouraging women and girls to train, and to promoting an atmosphere of respect and support for women martial artists of all styles. Membership is open to everyone who supports the full and active participation of women in the martial arts.

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