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Thursday August 16-Sunday August 19
YMCA Camp Loma Mar

9900 Pescadero Creek Road, Loma Mar, CA 94021

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Over 150 women and girls attended
PAWMA Camp 2017: The World is Our Dojo

Camp Sealth –Vashon Island, WA, September 15-18

PAWMA Camp 2017 logo - The World is Our Dojo

Teachers and Classes offered at PAWMA Camp 2017

Do you have suggestions for future camps? Email us at camp@pawma.org

Sifu Restita DeJesus
  • Knife Throwing
Sensei Delina Fuchs
Sensei Nerissa Freeman
  • Self Care for All Martial Artists
  • Saru to Kuma no Maki
  • No Gi Throws
Master Terri Giamartino
  • Weapons Defense
  • Setting up an Anti-Bullying Program
Shifu Koré Grate
  • Internal and External Martial Arts - Exploring Opposites
  • Keeping the Teacher Teaching
  • Eight Styles of Learning
Sifu Emmy Highsmith
Sifu Mariko Highsmith
  • Choreographing a Kata
  • Advanced Kicks and Kicking Combos
  • Conditioning and Games for Martial Artists
Sifu Melinda Johnson
  • Kajukenbo Street Fighting Combinations 1 & 2
  • Kajukenbo Sticky Hands
Julie Kirby
  • Gracie Jiu-jitsu Cross Side Position
  • Gracie Jiu-jitsu Back Mount
  • Gracie Jiu-jitsu Sparring
Sifu Debbie Leung
  • Taiji Fundamentals Through Cloud Hands
  • Baguazhang
  • Fan
Coach Kathy Long
  • Introduction to Striking in Kickboxing
  • Basics and Blocks of Kickboxing
  • Counter Drills in Sparring
Michele Miller
Heather Coyle
  • Six Harmonies Sword
  • Sil Lum Sparring Set
  • Pilates Mat
Sensei Lori O'Connell
  • Low-Level Force Solutions for Self-Defense
  • Contact Referencing: A Western Fencing Concept Applied to Unarmed Martial Arts
  • Open Guard: Practical Applications for Self-Defense and Competition
Sifu Jen Resnick
  • Dao Yin Qi Gong
  • Xing Yi Nei Gong
  • Finding Your Alignment
Contra-Mestra Tigresa
  • Capoeira Regional 101
  • Capoeira Regional 201
  • Introduction to Maculele
Sifu Zoey Zotigh
  • Introduction to the Self-defense Empowerment Model
  • Physical Technique Options
  • Quick Hands
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