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PAWMA Camp 2017: The World is Our Dojo

Camp Sealth –Vashon Island, WA
September 15-18, 2017

Dear Friends:

We are very excited to have the 2017 camp in a very beautiful setting on Puget Sound on stunning Vashon Island.

In 2012, the New York Times said that Vashon’s combination of small town life and cool farm-to-table artisanal features gave the island a “Mayberry-meets-Burning Man character.” (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/01/travel/vashon-island-near-seattle-a-rural-throwback.html)

Camp Sealth is a Campfire Girls site that is used as a summer camp and for retreats during the school year. The setting is lovely, but rustic. There are trails, rather than paved roads, between some of the buildings, so please be prepared to walk. The Pacific Northwest can be quite chilly along the water, and some of the waterfront housing may be colder at night, so be sure to plan to dress in layers.

There are also accommodations available in town and throughout Vashon Island, for those of you who prefer to commute to classes. Please check Airbnb, and VRBO, or Google “places to stay on Vashon Island” if you prefer to commute to camp, rather than stay in the cabins. Because the camp is on an island served by a ferry only, we recommend you start your commuter search with Vashon Island itself.

Visit Camp Sealth's accommodations page to see where you might be most comfortable.

Please note that the “upgraded” cabins are the Wrangler Retreat Center cabins. These are a 10-minute walk from the main camp and dining hall. We will have *some* transportation available, but cannot guarantee a ride for every occasion, or at specific times.

Registration will be available soon. Questions? Email us at camp@pawma.org

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