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Tri-Alliance Gathering 2016


July 20-24, 2016

North Central College, Naperville IL

An historic gathering of the members of three dynamic organizations.

Tri-Alliance Gathering 2016 Teachers 

Shinshii Janet Aalfs YMA Modern Arnis Magic / Modern Arnis Partner Exchange
Professor Gloria Boldizar Close Quarters Combat
Sensei Karen Brown Grant Writing and Fundraising
M. Alexandra Cafarelli Creative Writing for Healing Trauma / Teen Class: Clearing up Consent
Ariel Crumes YMA Meet and Greet
Shihan Darlene DeFour Ground fighting
Mandy Doyle Self-defense & Self Advocacy for People with Special Needs
Sensei Michele Elefante Gun and Knife Defense / Nunchaku Applications/ Bo Sparring
Sensei Joanne Factor Taking Charge: Women Veterans Living with PTSD
Dr. Shelley Fernandez Born for the Mat: the Legacy of Shihan Keiko Fukuda / I Live My Life for Causes
Shihan Melanie Fine Creating a Website for Your School
Kyoshi Nerissa Freeman Striking and Kicking Intensive / Danzan Ryu Restorative Therapy
Shihan Zosia Gorbaty Breathing Forms
Grandmaster Sunny Graff Leadership and Teacher Training for Women and Girls in the Martial Arts/ Panatukan Filipino Empty Hand Techniques / YMA Sparring Games / Posture, Pain, Performance and Patience
Julie Greene Morning Wakeup Yoga Practice
Julie Harmon, Ph.D. Understanding and Addressing Trauma in our Classes
Jocelyn Hollander, Ph.D. Empowerment Self-defense, an Integrated Model of Violence Prevention Panel (Thompson/Stone) / Violence Prevention in the Campus Setting
Amy Jones Community Women’s Self-defense
Monitora Schelsea Jones YMA Turning Kicks into Cartwheels / A Foundation in Capoeira
Dr. Amelia Jones Awakening Your Inner Healer
Master Ricki Kay Developmental Games for All Martial Artists Ages 3-93
Coach Kelly Kusumoto Teen Class: Stand Up and Sit Out Escapes / Take Down Defense and Singles / Teens Class: Duck Unders and Head Locks
Sensei Christine Lincoln Beginning Judo / Judo, Balancing for Self-defense / YMA Judo Games
Angie Lindbergh 20 Postures qigong / Taiji for Persons with Movement Disorders
Shihan Dara Masi The First 10 Steps to Opening a Martial Arts School / 10-100-200 and Beyond / Hanbo /The Magic of Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu
Karri Meleo Qigong / Qigong
Grandmaster Carol Middleton Empowerment Self-defense Model Course Session 1 Verbal Defense, Session 2 Ground Fighting, Session 3 Bear Hug Defenses and Counters, Session 4 Choke and Grab Releases
Sifu Michele Miller Bak Sil Lum Fan Class / Teen Class: Bak Si Lum Flying and Jumping Kicks / Pilates Based Mat Class
Robin O'Brien Empathy in Action!
Sifu Patty O'Linger Broken Rhythm, Faking and the Critical Distance Line
Cikgu Jen Para Introduction to Silat Seni Gayong Empty Hand Techniques / Parang (Machete) Locks, Defense, and Disarms
Clara Porter Empowerment Self-defense in the Workplace
Marcella Raimondo, Ph.D. Connections Between Our Bodies, Assault and Eating Disorders - Strategies for Self-defense Teachers
Sifu Allyson Riley Bringing Self-defense into Public School P.E. Classes / Fight without Sight / Defense against Multiple Attackers
Wendy Rouse, Ph.D. Women’s Self-defense from the Early 1900’s to the Present Day
Sensei Francesca Ruggirello YMA Self-defense Obstacle Course / YMA Demo Practice Class / YMA Learn the Lubid for Practical Self-defense
Candace Rushton The Upside of Down and Out / What We Resist, Will Persist / Position before Submission
Sensei Nikki Smith Self-defense for Health Care Workers
Meg Stone Panelist Empowerment Self-defense, an Integrated Model of Violence Prevention (Thompson/Hollander)
Master Su Zifang 12 Principles and Special Warm ups / Master Level Advanced Coaching for your Forms / Bagua Zhuang / Xing Yi for Kids
Sensei Sahnya Thom Meditation 101, the Nuts and Bolts of Meditation / Combative Kickboxing Methods
Martha Thompson, Ph D. ABC’s of ESD / Panelist Empowerment Self-defense, an Integrated Model of Violence Prevention (Stone/Hollander)
Jennie Trower Krav Choke Defenses: One Choke Three Ways / Krav Maga Foundation Workshop
Sensei Heather Turnbull & Priyanka Sheth Building Resiliency
Master Wasentha Young Making Social Media Work as a Free Teaching Tool / The Power of the Yielding Force / Giving Feedback that Will Matter
Sensei Yudit Zicklin-Sidikman Getting to Know Ju - Forms of Gentleness (Part 1 and Part 2)/ From MA to ESD
Sensei Jamie Zimron Kokyu Nage: Aikido Breath Throws / YMA Aikido: Ki and Kid Power
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