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Shake Out Your Superhero Cape for PAWMA Camp 2015

Sonya Richardson
PAWMA 2015 Board President
Head Instructor, Executive Director Hand to Hand Kajukenbo•Self Defense Center

Summer is just around the bend and along with days of sunshine come blockbuster action films. I have no doubt that all of us could display our daily real-time heroic acts right alongside the Avengers. Keeping public school teachers and parents in mind, we gather in mid-August this year. It’s time: shake out your cape and get ready to fly, run or swim like a torpedo to Camp Campbell in Boulder Creek, California.

Set amongst majestic redwoods, Camp Campbell is sure to offer the best of nature’s aromatherapy and respite to any Wonder Woman needing recharging. The trees will make phenomenal back-up singers on karaoke night, and some of you will be housed “among” them in the beautiful treetop cabins. Our t-shirts will be brown this year, nodding to the rich earth we will stand on.

Hands down, the BEST thing about PAWMA camp is that it is fantastic. REALLY, every single year I’ve gone, which has been over twenty now, has been phenomenal. Each event is a family reunion AND an incredible new adventure. Every year I am reminded that Wonderful Women (new training partners and the instructors) and I share a common bond as well as tremendous individual gifts that foster each other’s growth. So…what is your secret or not so secret power?

Mine is kindness, (and generating fast strikes and kicks) and I’m ready to share them at camp this year.

In preparing for camp, the Board was saddened only by the fact that we were not able to hire each applicant this year. Those on staff as instructors for 2015 represent a third of the submissions. We honor all who applied, recognizing the years of studying, training, and teaching profoundly and seemingly simply reflected in an application. How fortunate we are at this time to be a bountiful community of powerful and capable women and girls in the martial arts! See the list of teachers and classes in this newsletter issue.

This year’s camp is reachable by the San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco airports. We’ll call the League of Justice (or help you shuttle in) to get you there.

Haven’t registered yet? Go to www.pawma.org for more camp details and registration.

See you on the training floor!

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