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PAWMA Camp Teachers

Nicola Smith
PAWMA 2015 Board Vice President

Our theme is “Wonder Women Sharing our Powers.” We truly believe that the women we have teaching are super and that all the women and girls who come to camp are wonderful in their own individual and powerful way. We come together at camp to teach, learn and experience great martial arts with and from amazing women.

This year for the first time PAWMA will be offering self-defense classes that are part of the self-defense instructor certification offered by NWMAF. Since NWMAF is mostly on the east coast this gives women on the west coast the ability to become certified instructors. Thank you to our sisters at NWMAF for working with us on this project.

Here’s the list of teachers and a taste of what they will be sharing with us.

Professor Jane Carr 10th degree black belt & Sensei Katie Murphy Stevens 5th degree blackbelt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu will be teaching together. They will be sharing – “Building Technique from the Ground Up”, “Weapons Takeaway”, and “Immobilization Techniques”.

Sifu Michelle Dwyer is a long-time member of Jing Mo, San Francisco, CA where she specialized in Northern Shaolin Gung Fu, Hsing Yi, Yang Tai Chi and many weapons. In 2012 she was the recipient of PAWMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Michelle will be teaching: “Hun Yuan Chi Gong”, “Chi Na - Grabs and Escapes”, “Basic Push hands Drills”, “Push Hands”, and “Chen Tai Chi Eight Energies and Partner practice”.

Sensei Haley Holm, a Tang Soo Do black belt began her martial arts career as a four year old, training in Aikido. Haley and her training partner performed an amazing kata during the bazaar last year so we are sure they have something else spectacular for us this year. Haley will be teaching – “Work Hard Play Hard”, “Don't be shy!”, and “Spin Kicks”.

Sifu Sunny Jones has over 20 Yrs Martial Arts experience and is ranked in multiple styles, she is a former airline pilot so like many superheroes she really can fly! Sunny surprised us all with her amazing XMA kata performance at the 2014 PAWMA Camp, we hope she shares something as spectacular during the demo this year. The classes she will be teaching are – “Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) for the traditional Martial Artist”, “The "Power" and Principles for making your self-defense techniques work”, and “Dance like a Butterfly and Sting like a Bee”.

Sifu Lynn Keslar is a 3rd Degree Black belt in Kajukenbo and a 4th degree black belt in Doce Pares Eskrima. Lynn will be joined by a black belt student, Laneka Viney, who is a junior in high school. Together they will be sharing these classes with us – “Power weapons flow”, “Staff sparring set” and “Empty-hand defenses to stick and knife attacks”. They will also be on hand to train during the open weapons class, so bring your practice weapons!

Coach Kelly Kusumoto won the California State Wrestling Championship as a senior in high school. a Folkstyle wrestler she also practices Freestyle and Greco wrestling styles as well. Kelly will be teaching – “Pinning Combinations (Half Nelson and ArmBars)”, “Basic Standup and Takedowns (Double/High C)” and “Takedown Defense and Singles”. She’ll also be available to work with during the open grappling session.

Dara Masi Shihan is a Hakko Densho Ryo Jujutsu 8th Degree black belt. When Palumbo Shihan passed away in 2014 Masi Shihan became the leader of the Hakkoryu Martial Arts Federation and Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu. Masi Shihan is also an instructor of Iaido, ranked at Nidan in both Nishio Ryu Toho Iaido and Soshoryu Heihodo Iaido. Plus Masi Shihan teaches Hojojutsu, a traditional Japanese martial art which includes techniques to restrain a person with rope, an art that is rarely taught in the United States.

These are the classes Masi Shihan will be sharing with us: “Iaido: Bokken Sparring”, “Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu” and “Jujutsu Armbar Takedowns”.

Sifu Michelle McVadon is a 6th degree black belt in Kajukenbo, a Sandan in Aikido and Shodan in Jujitsu.  She is the chief instructor of Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu in Seattle, Washington, the Elder counsel for PAWMA and a martial artist of the year, plus a lifetime achievement awardee.  

Sifu Michelle will be teaching “Breath, Timing and Transitions in Kata” and “Street Fighting”, she will also be teaching the opening class for PAWMA camp 2015 on Friday.  So make sure you get to camp in time for that!  

Joyce Mende Wong will be leading the self-defense classes. Sifu Joyce is a 3rd degree black belt in Kajukenbo and Co-Director of the Self-Defense Program at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center in Oakland, CA. Joyce received NWMAF certification as a Self-Defense Instructor in 2009 and was a member of the Self-Defense Instructors’ Conference Coordinating Committee that year. She served as a member of NWMAF’s Self-Defense Leadership Committee until 2014.

Attending a Self-Defense Empowerment Model Course (SDEMC) is one of the requirements for NWMAF Self-Defense Instructor Certification. Joyce is more than pleased to bring the SDEMC to PAWMA. There are 4 classes in the series: “Introduction to the Self-Defense Empowerment Model”, “Interrupting Violence: Verbal and Physical Strategies”, “Physical Technique Options: Grabs, Chokes, Pins” and “Teaching Self Defense”.

Kayti Quesada Sensei holds a black belt in Nippon Jujitsu, a brown belt in Shoshu Karate, a brown belt in BJJ and is a certified yoga instructor. Kayti will be teaching “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Basics”, “BJJ attacks from the guard,” and a morning Yoga class. She’ll also be on hand to participate in the open grappling session where she may wear her famous tie dye gi!

Sifu Jen Resnick holds the rank of 6th degree black belt in Kajukenbo. She also has extensive training in Shaolin Kung Fu, Filipino fighting arts and Chinese Internal Arts. She currently lives in New York City, practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine. Jen will be sharing – “Gain Magical Healing Powers: Sleeping Snake Revival Techniques”, “Secrets to Wonder Woman’s Invulnerability Skills: Iron Shirt & Self Cultivation Exercises” and “Super Power Skills Every Day! Xing Yi Nei Gong”.

Master Su Zi Fang. Also known as “One of the Hundred Living Treasures of China” and the “Queen of Tai Chi,” Master Su is the 4th generation descendant of the well-known Bagua Grand Master Sha Guozheng and Wushu Great Grand Master He Fusheng. With over 45 years of training dedication, teaching, demonstrating, competing Master Su is internationally known for her skill in Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan. Master Su will be sharing these classes with us – “Baguazhuang “Eight Direction Palm” – Basics”, “Baguazhuang “Eight Direction Palm” - Circle Walking”, “Xingyiquan “Body-Mind-Fist” - Part One (Basics) and Sun Style Taijiquan”.

Sound like fun? Please join us in August, go to the PAWMA website at WWW.PAWMA.ORG to register.

Check out our PAWMA Camp video at https://youtu.be/4eWVNvV5dtQ

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