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Sensei Leslie Lippard encourages you to donate to PAWMA's scholarship fund
Sensei Leslie Lippard encourages you to join her by donating to PAWMA's scholarship fund.

This year, the PAWMA Board has a bold goal. We have always funded a small number of scholarships for people who aren’t able to afford camp, but this year feels different. The challenges for women and girls in many areas of life seem as difficult as they have ever been. We are especially concerned that everyone who feels the desire to bolster their self-defense training, and to be in community with others committed to their safety and growth, has access to camp. In order to address this need, the board would like to significantly increase the amount of scholarship funding that’s available from $1000 to $6000 (or more).

Typically, camp attendance runs around 120 people. That means we need to raise $50 per person on average. Some people won’t be able to contribute that much, but we hope some people will contribute more.

Let me tell you why I’m excited to donate: I’m not a rich person by any means. When I was younger, I benefited from older PAWMA members who supported my training—giving me rides across hundreds of miles for free, letting me sign up for work study to pay my dojo dues when I couldn’t afford them, and encouraging me to attend regardless of my ability to pay. But now, I’m one of those older people, and it’s my turn to give back to the PAMWA community. I’ve supported PAWMA over the years with donations of what I have the most of—time and energy—and now I’m going to double down on that and pony up some cash. I’ve done this once or twice in the past when I was particularly flush, but now I feel called because the need is especially high.

The board has very kindly kept the cost of camp low this year, so it is less than what I budgeted. I’ll be taking the extra (and doubling it) and sending it in, earmarked for the scholarship fund. I invite you to do the same.

You can use the form below or make a donation when you register for PAWMA Camp 2017.

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