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August 14-17, 2015
YMCA Camp Campbell • Boulder Creek, California

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2015 Teacher Lineup

Professor Jane Carr and Katie Murphy Stevens - Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

Sifu Michelle Dwyer - T'ai Chi

Sensei Haley Holm - Tang Soo Do

Sifu Sunny Jones - Kenpo Karate, XMA

Sifu Lynn Kesler - Kajukenbo, Doce Pares Eskrima

Kelly Kusumoto - Wrestling

Kumu Michelle Manu - Kaihewalu Hawaiian Lua, Hula

Dara Masi Shihan - Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu, Iaido

Sifu Michelle McVaden - Kajukenbo

Kayti Quesada Sensei - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Yoga

Sifu Jen Resnick - Chinese Internal Arts

Master Su Zifang - T'ai Chi

Volunteer Teachers

Sifu Restita DeJesus – Whip

Nicola Smith Sensei – Judo Throws

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Shining the Light on Sigung Michelle McVadon: PAWMA 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awardee

Sonya Richardson
PAWMA Board President 2014

Sigung Michelle McVadon, left, receives her award from PAWMA board member and Seven Star student Judith Pile. Photo: Renee Smith.
Photo: Renee Smith.

Those who lead schools both understand that spotlights shone on them are both rare and far from what drives us. The majority of martial arts instructors see such value in the path of potential transformation the Arts gives us that we wish to share that offering with all who will dedicate some months, years or a lifetime to the revolution of self. Annually, PAWMA recognizes one such leader who serves as a role model, over the course of her ongoing lifetime, in her commitment to martial arts teaching, building community, and daily investment in mentoring individuals through their rites of growth.

Michelle McVadon, sigung (6th degree) is the Head Instructor of Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu in Seattle, Washington. She descended from a strong line of women teachers, having studied under Anne Moon, founder of Seven Star, and Professor Barbara Bones. She has manifested and continues to form an incredible imprint on the Pacific Northwest and national martial arts communities. In her twenty-eight years of teaching, Sigung Michelle has raised generations of women martial artists in Kajukenbo, a number who now lead their own schools.

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Over 100 women and girls attended the 37th Annual PAWMA Camp Diversity, Empowerment, Community
September 19 - 22, 2014, Aldersgate Retreat Center, Turner, Oregon

Photo by Renee Smith.

Photo: Renee Smith

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Upcoming events

04 Jun 2015 • Mountain Moon Ranch, Placerville, California
14 Aug 2015 • YMCA Camp Campbell, Boulder Creek, California

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Photo: Bonnie Loshbaugh
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Photo: Bonnie Loshbaugh

At PAWMA, we believe that the martial arts have special value for women, whether pursued for self-expression, self-protection, spirituality, or physical health. We are committed to encouraging women and girls to train, and to promoting an atmosphere of respect and support for women martial artists of all styles. Membership is open to everyone who supports the full and active participation of women in the martial arts.

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